Travel Reports Near East / Emirates

Travel Reports Near East / Emirates lists all our journeys through the arabique penninsula and gives valuable information, tips and suggestions to the individual destinations. These are self-managed round trips.


Travel Report: 8 Days Photo trip

Amman > Dead Sea > Petra > Wadi Rum


Travel Report: 12 Days Photo trip

Munich > Dubai > Muscat

How should I prepare ?

Every photo trip to the Arab region presents new challenges and you should inform yourself well in advance. For this reason we have written our travel reports for the Middle East / Emirates. They should facilitate your preparation.

We have made all our travels through the Arab countries on our own. All in all this is easier than expected, but you should prepare well.

It is important to think about the visas, a valid credit or EC card and for the rental car if necessary the international driving license.

Vaccinations – via the ones recommended in Germany – are not mandatory in most countries, but you should definitely think about a travel health insurance abroad, because visits to the doctor can quickly become very expensive. In addition, always check the travel side of the foreign office beforehand, with regard to security and also medical care once again. It is also not wrong to be put on the crisis list of the Federal Foreign Office.

And at the very end, think of the  First Aid Kit !

Near East / Emirates, how to stay online?

We have made the experience that it is worth getting out the “best” mobile phone provider in the country in advance (in terms of network coverage) and then buying a pre-paid data card locally, usually already at the airport.

Near East / Emirates, how do I get there? Our Travel Reports Near East / Emirates provide some tipp

From Germany the journey takes place almost exclusively by airplane.

Good flight deals can be found at or

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What kind of photoequipment do I need for Near East / Emirates?

Quick overview:








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