Travel Reports Asia

Travel Reports Asia lists all our trips to Asia and gives valuable information, tips and suggestions for individual destinations.


Travel Report: 4 Days Trip

Siem Reap and Angkor Wat


Travel Report: 8 Days Trip



Travel Report: 10 Days Trip

Bangkok -> Siem Reap / Angkor Wat -> Phuket


Travel Report: 2 Days Trip

Ho Chi Minh City

How should I prepare ?

Every photo trip to Asia presents new challenges and you should inform yourself well in advance. For this reason we have written our travelogues for Asia and add them continuously. They should facilitate your preparation.

With regard to vaccinations, depending on the country you are travelling to, you should consult the Foreign Office’s information and definitely think about a travel health insurance policy for foreign countries, as visits to a doctor can quickly become very expensive.

The distances within the countries are sometimes very large, which is why you also have to consider which means of transport you want to use.

And at the very end, think of the  First Aid Kit !

How to stay online in Asia?

First of all you should check if your German provider offers a package for Asia. But if you don’t like it, you can easily take a pre-paid rate from any provider of your choice in Asia.

How do I get to Asia?

That one arrives, at least from Europe, with the airplane goes without saying. But what is the best flight route and how do I fly most “comfortably”?

You should be aware that depending on your destination you have between 8 and 13 hours flight time. There is the question “is economy enough”?

Many people believe that Business Class is much more expensive than Economy. However, this is only true to a limited extent, since there are many bargain offers and partner deals of the big airlines today, which are only slightly more expensive in Business Class than an Eco Ticket.

The prerequisites for bargain prices are often that you fly with at least two people, book long enough in advance and are willing to compromise and flexible on your itinerary. 

Good deals can be found at or

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What kind of photoequipment do I need for Asia?

Quick overview:








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