Travel Report Marrakech, 7-day photo tour to the city of 1001 nights (Morocco)

What highlights are there to discover in Marrakech? What is a must-see?

Our travel report Marrakech (Morocco) summarizes the best highlights and “must sees” for you so that you also have an unforgettable trip. We were in Marrakech in December, when the temperatures are bearable (during the day still around 25 degrees, at night around 10-15 degrees) and there are slightly fewer tourists than between January and March. Our travel report Marrakech shows you the best restaurants, the best places and gives you basic tips so that you can enjoy your trip.

Where is Marrakesch in Maroccoo?

What you should definitely think about when traveling to Marrakech (Morocco)

Local currency: Moroccan Dirham (MDH). You can use your credit card almost everywhere for payments or cash withdrawals. However, you will need cash for cabs, small purchases and especially for tips, which are required everywhere

Vaccinations: No vaccinations are required if you are coming from Germany. However, it is advisable to see a doctor before traveling to have your vaccinations checked. Any doctor can clarify the details or, if necessary, obtain information from the Tropical Institute.

Visas: German nationals do not require a visa for Morocco if their stay is no longer than 90 days.

Taking a drone to Marrakech (Morocco), is that allowed?

The short answer is NO. Morocco currently still has very strict drone laws and the least that can happen is that you have to hand in your drone at the airport and you can pick it up again when you leave the country. Some websites now also report that you can apply to fly a drone in Morocco. At the time of this report, we could not find an option that would have worked for private use.

Detailed travel report Marrakech - important questions:

Is Morocco, is Marrakech cheap?

In general, the prices for everyday life, as well as hotel prices, are significantly cheaper than in Germany. However, it depends very much on the time of travel. At peak times, such as around Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the prices in Marrakech quickly rise to double or triple the normal hotel prices and then it is already expensive, although still not at the level of Dubai, for example. Restaurants, especially genuine Moroccan ones, are really cheap. However, there are now also many up-and-coming districts and restaurants that are quite in line with European price levels. In the following travel report Marrakech (Morocco) you will find a bit of everything.

Is Marrakech safe?

We never felt unsafe at any time of the day or night. The police presence in Marrakech is high and there are also a lot of undercover police officers who are not immediately recognizable. This always gives you a good feeling. The Moroccans are also an extremely friendly people and even in the markets a simple “no thank you” was enough to be left alone. We have experienced this differently in countries such as Turkey. You can see everywhere in Marrakech that the city is on the rise.

In certain neighborhoods, the number of luxury sports cars is higher than in Maximillianstrasse in Munich or Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. the Moroccans also like to show off what they have. That’s why the density of luxury watches and luxury handbags is also high, although you can’t always be sure whether everything is genuine, because Marrakech is also an Eldorado for people who like to buy designer fakes. These can be found on every corner, but the good stuff is only available in the back rooms.

Is English enough for Marrakech?

Besides Arabic, the second language in Morocco is French and the older people in particular understand little English. The situation is quite different for young people. They usually speak fluent English. At least for negotiations with cab drivers you should have a little knowledge of French, otherwise the calculator on your cell phone will do. However, everyone is happy to say hello or goodbye in French.

The highlights of Marrakech - Experience Morocco

There are daily direct flights to Marrakech from Germany and it is best to organize a pick-up at the airport for the day of arrival. Although this is considerably more expensive than the local cabs, it is also much more relaxed. The big hotels all offer this service and you won’t regret it,

Do I need a rental car in Marrakech?

Our recommendation is definitely NO if you only want to stay in Marrakech. Cabs are so cheap and available everywhere that the stress of a rental car is not worth it. If you want to do a round trip through Morocco, you can of course consider renting a car. However, this should always be booked with fully comprehensive insurance and without an excess and without having to pay in advance, as the providers look for any minor damage and try to make a profit from it. You should also be aware that the roads outside Marrakech and the immediate surroundings can sometimes be worse and are poorly lit, especially in the evening and at night. In principle, however, you can drive yourself in Morocco.

Do I have to worry about the food? Can I brush my teeth with tap water?

Marrakech is a very modern city and the water quality in the upmarket hotels and riads is now very good, so you can even brush your teeth with the tap water. The decision should always depend on the hotel. Marrakech city pays a lot of attention to hygiene when preparing food and this includes the food stalls on the Jemaa-al-Fnaa (the square). Each stall has a number so that the health authorities can take immediate action if there is anything wrong with the food. The restaurants we visited all had great food and you don’t have to worry about catching food poisoning here.

Marrakech Airport - Entry

The airport in Marrakesh is very modern and can compete with a normal airport in Germany at any time. Only the entry formalities take much longer than expected. But maybe that’s because we arrive shortly before New Year’s Eve. If you are flying Business Class, you can use the Priority Line for entry and exit, which is definitely worthwhile. 

It certainly saved us 1-2 hours of waiting time when entering the country and we already waited 1 hour. If you are not flying business, you can also buy this service in the terminal. Our driver, who we booked in advance from the hotel, is already waiting for us at the exit. We are picked up in a large Mercedes bus. It has nice leather seats and there is also water.

Marrakesch - Hotels, Riads and Desertcamps

Le Meridien Nfis - a typical Marriott Grouphotel

Our hotel was the Le Meridien Nfis in Marrakech. It is located about 15 minutes by car from the airport, in one of the best residential areas of Marrakech. The hotel has a five-star standard and there is a normal hotel building and an annex called Atlas, where the newly renovated rooms are located. We stayed in the Atlas building and would do so again at any time. The rooms are modernly furnished and you immediately feel at home. Only the bathrooms show that they have been recently renovated, as they still meet the old standard.

The hotel has a beautiful pool area, fitness center, a hammam area as well as two restaurants and a breakfast restaurant. One of the restaurants is a Moroccan restaurant and the other is international. Food in the Moroccan restaurant is great. The restaurant also has a high rating on Google for its quality.

This hotel is not rated so highly in many travel reports. We can only partially understand this. The staff and service are first class. Always friendly, always helpful, no matter how stressful it is. The rooms, at least in the Atlas building, are very good overall and are 5 star except for the bathroom. However, the bathroom is more 4 star.

The pool area has very good loungers with thick cushions and the food is of good quality overall. Loudness at breakfast and the “hustle and bustle” are annoying. Unfortunately, you get the impression of being in a station concourse. Unless you go at 7 in the morning, when it is very pleasant. The fact that you have to reserve the hammam also takes a bit of getting used to, as does the quality of the tables and chairs at the pool café. But all in all, we would book this hotel again at any time, as the price-performance ratio is unbeatable.

Directly opposite the hotel is the Menara shopping mall and in about 15 minutes on foot you can reach a number of different restaurants. These include the Cappuccino, which is a copy of the Cappuccino in Mallorca, and the Café Extrablatt, which many people will be familiar with from Germany.

We would stay at this hotel again at any time, as it is also strategically located. You can reach the large square in the medina in around 30 minutes on foot or in less than 10 minutes by cab.

We always enjoyed the evening walks back to the hotel, especially after a sumptuous meal

La Mamounia - THE Hotel in Marrakesch

La Mamounia is certainly the most traditional hotel in Marrakech. It is located within the medina and can also be visited by non-hotel guests.

When you enter the hotel after passing through security, you immediately sense its historic charm. Just behind reception there is a picture gallery of the famous guests the hotel has hosted over the years. These pictures range from early Hollywood stars to presidents and the stars of today. Everyone of note has stayed here at one time or another.

The hotel is one of the few hotels that cannot be booked via a booking platform, but only directly via the hotel’s own website or traditionally by phone. Accommodation prices start from around €700 per night per room. It is definitely worth a visit.

Nobu Hotel and Rooftop Bar

Around 20 minutes away from Le Meridien Nfis or the El Fenn Hotel is the Nobu Hotel, which has a 360 degree roof terrace with bar and restaurant. This is accessible to guests and non-hotel guests and offers a spectacular view of the medina. As usual at Nobu, food and drinks have their price, but most people who come here know that beforehand. For those who are interested, Robert de Niro is a partner in the restaurant and was there in person for the opening.

Riad - The alternative to classical hotels

Many travelers prefer a riad in the medina – i.e. a city hotel – to the large hotels outside. Riads are former residential or commercial buildings with just a few rooms grouped around an inner courtyard and are now available in every price category.

If you are staying in a riad in the medina, you should be aware that most of these city hotels cannot be reached by car or cab and that you will have to be picked up by a member of staff. They usually come with a small cart in which they transport your luggage through the narrow streets of the medina. One of the few exceptions is El Fenn, more on this later.

When you stay in a riad in the medina, you are right in the middle of life. At the same time, the rooms are usually dark and face the courtyard, in keeping with the architecture of the old houses. For a good riad, you have to be prepared to spend a little money. Otherwise it will not be a special experience.

Riad El Fenn - certainly one of the best riads in Marrakech

The El Fenn Riad Hotel is owned by Richard Branson’s sister. What originally began with six rooms is now a hotel with 42 rooms. This riad belongs to the absolute luxury class, which is not only reflected in the price. If you can, you should definitely take a look at the hotel, even if it is not actually accessible to non-hotel guests. Even the rooftop terrace is usually difficult to access and many people are turned away with the comment that it is full, although this is not the case. Once you have made it to the rooftop terrace, you have a wonderful view over Marrakech and can enjoy one of the delicious cocktails. The riad is absolutely top class, very centrally located and still easy to reach by car or cab. In the adjoining store, you can buy everything from clothes to furniture. It is a place of tranquillity in the middle of the city. That has its price.

Wüstencamp - The White Camel Lodge in the Agafay Desert

For those who want to treat themselves to something different and see something different during their stay in Marrakech, we can recommend the White Camel Lodge. 

This is located in the Agafey Desert about 45 minutes’ drive from Marrakech.

The lodge offers packages for dinner with pick-up from the hotel and return to the hotel. You can also stay overnight at the lodge, which we will certainly do next time. But the sunset dinner alone is worth a visit.

Relaxing by the infinity pool and enjoying the sunset with a glass of wine or a beer and then being served a delicious Moroccan dinner in the 360° view tent, which is really top class, is a unique experience.

Taxis in Marrakesch

There are two types of cabs in Marrakech, the Grand Taxis and the Petit Taxis. Petit cabs are cheaper. You should not pay more than 40 Moroccan dirhams for a ride from the hotel to the Grand Square. Of course, the drivers are always trying to get a higher price from the tourists, but even if the difference is only in the lower small euro range, you should not give in. The locals pay even less anyway. Usually, if you tell them your price and they want more and you say no, they call you back and say come on, let’s do it.

It’s not unusual for drivers to pick up more passengers on the way. That shouldn’t surprise you. You just have to make sure that you only pay the price for your own ride and not the price for the other passenger as well.

Always negotiate the fare before the cab ride

As a general rule, always negotiate the fare before the journey to avoid any surprises. We have had good experiences with this. The only time we didn’t negotiate the price beforehand, the driver was really rude and we asked him to stop, gave him 20 dirhams (approx. €2) and got out. Apart from that, taking a cab in Marrakech is actually a very pleasant experience, as most drivers are very interested in you, ask questions and have fun conversations.

Highlights, the top sights in Marrakech

Yves Saint Laurent - Le jardin majorelle and the Museum

Le Jardin Majorelle. If you want to have the gardens of Yves Saint Laurent to yourself, or at least avoid a huge rush of visitors, then you should be there at 8:30 in the morning. Ideally even 15 minutes earlier, so that you really are one of the first in the gardens. You have to buy your tickets online in advance as there is no ticket office on site. Unfortunately, you have to register, which is a bit annoying.

In December, it is very chilly in the mornings and you should dress warmly. The gardens are beautiful and a real oasis of peace in the middle of Marrakech.

From Le Meridien Nfis, you can reach the gardens in around 15 minutes by cab and pay around 4-5 euros. Entry to the gardens costs €15 per person and is well worth it. There is a small café in the gardens which opens at 9:00 am and then you can have a wonderful breakfast or just enjoy a delicious tea. The prices are moderate. Service is great. It takes one to two hours to visit the gardens, depending on what you want to see and where you want to spend more time.

After the gardens, we recommend a visit to the Yves Saint Laurent Museum, the entrance to which is only about 100 meters from the gardens. Again, you have to buy a ticket online. It currently costs around €13 per person. This is also a good amount to spend, as the museum is very beautiful and gives you a good insight into the life of Yves and the fashion industry. It might also be interesting to mention that Yves Saint Laurent and his partner are both buried here – in the gardens.

Maison De La Photographie de Marrakech

The Maison de la Photographie de Marrakech is a small but fine photography museum with a small rooftop restaurant. It costs around 7 euros to enter and offers historical photographs on 3 floors. If you are interested in photos, this is the place for you. Otherwise, you can skip it if you don’t have much time.

The souks of Marrakech and the medina

It is about 2.5 km from the Yves Saint Laurent Museum to the large square (Jemma el-Fnaa) and you can easily walk there in 30-40 minutes, so you can also see a little of the city of Marrakech. The path initially leads along a main road, but then you quickly disappear into the narrow and bustling alleyways of Marrakech. With the help of Google Maps, however, this is no problem.

The traders in all the small stores are always friendly, even if you don’t want to buy anything. We know it differently. Overall, the souks are divided into different areas, jewelry, clothing, leather goods, etc. You don’t see this at first, but after a while you understand the system.

The Bahia Palace

You should also go here early in the morning to avoid the crowds. However, you won’t necessarily have the best photo light because the small atriums and buildings simply look better when the sun is already fully up. Admission costs around seven euros per person and you should definitely not miss out on this palace. From Bahia Palace, you can walk to El Badi Palace in just a few minutes.

El Badi Palace

The palace is a little outdated, not to say run-down, but admission here also costs seven euros per person. Highlight is certainly the many pairs of storks nesting on the walls and the catacombs, which house a photo exhibition. Otherwise, the palace is just really huge and is home to some beautiful fruit trees. Inside the walls. If you are in a hurry, you can save yourself a visit to this palace.

Ben Yussuf Mosque

We can’t quite understand the hype surrounding this mosque, as we didn’t find it particularly interesting, but perhaps this was also due to the fact that there was a lot of building work going on at the time. For this reason, we preferred to let ourselves drift through the souks.

Koutoubia Mosque

This mosque is the largest in Marrakech and is very centrally located near the large square and La Mamounia Hotel. It is rather inconspicuous and you can easily walk past it without really noticing it.

The world-famous mosque was built in the 12th century, making it one of the oldest in Morocco.

Koranschool Ben Youssef

The Koranic School has been one of the most visited sights in Marrakech since it was converted into a museum in 1960. Founded in the 14th century, the Koranic School is one of the most beautiful sights in the city and its stucco and mosaic work offers an insight into the masterful art of Islamic architecture.

New Year in Marrakesch

What you need to know about New Year’s Eve in Marrakech is that there are no fireworks or anything similar. In fact, New Year’s Eve in Marrakech is like any other day, except that many hotels and restaurants have closed parties that are sold as so-called packages,

These are usually exorbitantly overpriced and only include the food and seats, but not the drinks. Such a package can quickly add up to several hundred euros per person (e.g. Le Meridien Nfis 325 euros, Nobu 400 euros, all per person just for the food). Alternatively, you can also look for small local bars and restaurants that offer normal cuisine at fair prices, even on New Year’s Eve. We opted for one such restaurant and didn’t regret it. The food was excellent and only cost a few euros in the end.

The best restaurant tips for Marrakech

Almost all restaurants are open on New Year’s Eve and only close shortly after midnight. So you can enjoy the evening and then walk to the large square in the medina where many people meet for New Year’s Eve. All in all, a very nice experience, but also different from New Year’s Eve in Europe and many other cities around the world.

Restaurant Espices - Rooftop (Attention, the name Espices exists 3 times for restaurants!)

The restaurant is simple but really nice and offers a great 360° view over the city. Food is excellent and the service is top notch.

La terrasse des épices - Restaurant Marrakech

This restaurant was our highlight. If we could only go to one restaurant, we would choose this one. You should always make a reservation or accept a longer wait. But it’s worth it. As it’s a rooftop bar with little view, you should go during the day. It is usually packed at lunchtime, which is certainly due to the excellent cuisine. Service, food, everything is great and you pay your price for it.

Cafe de France

There are several rooftop bars around the large square from which you can watch the hustle and bustle on Jemna al Fnaa. The top floor of the Café de France, which only serves drinks, has by far the best view of the hustle and bustle on the square, but is otherwise not really spectacular and the quality is so-so.

Restaurant Nomad

In the evening, we go to the Nomad restaurant. It is located in a very winding alley and it is best to use Google Maps to find it. The restaurant is typically Moroccan, offers a great 360° rooftop terrace, but the interior is also worth seeing and you can eat very good Moroccan food there.

Walking back from the restaurant to the hotel takes about 40 minutes and is very easy to walk. You will pass the large square again, where you can watch the real hustle and bustle in the evening. The traders shout and vie for every customer. Of course, the jugglers and snake charmers are also there.

Kosybar Rooftop Restaurant

If you visit the El Badi Palace, you can relax immediately afterwards in the Kosybar on the rooftop terrace. The food is delicious, the prices are reasonable and the view is simply beautiful. Definitely a highlight during the day.

Comptoir Darna

The Comptoir Darna is a typical Moroccan restaurant with excellent food. Top service, genuine Moroccan atmosphere that leaves nothing to be desired. We always recommend reserving a table, as it gets very crowded in the evening, at least from 8pm. The restaurant is in the upper price segment.

Restaurant le Jardin

Like many very good restaurants, the restaurant is somewhat hidden in a side branch of the souk. It has a very large, green inner courtyard and then two further floors, including a rooftop. The food is typically Moroccan and really very tasty. Definitely worth a visit.

Le Salama Restaurant

The restaurant le Salama is located near the large square. It is an upscale restaurant and there are three different levels. The best view is from the so-called Skybar. You should definitely book in advance. When it comes to food, you should know that chicken and all types of meat are always served on the bone. This is not for everyone. However, the chocolate cake with ice cream for dessert is highly recommended. It’s worth the visit for that alone.

Atay Café

Ideal place for lunch above the rooftops of Marrakech. The decor is rather simple, but the food is excellent. Pprice-performance ratio is good and the food is very, very tasty, even if the menu is short. You can expect typical Moroccan dishes and they are really prepared with love!

Café Arabe

In short, we were disappointed. The café itself is beautiful. It has a really great roof terrace and also looks very classy, thanks to the imposing entrance. However, we were greeted so unfriendly as soon as we walked in that we decided to skip this café and spend our money elsewhere instead.

Soul Food Restaurant

Soulfood is another tip where you can go for lunch or in the afternoon. Not so much for the evening. The menu is simple and has the usual Moroccan dishes. But the ambience is really nice with lots of small, intricate roof terraces and it is practically right next to Le Jardin, which we have already reported on.

Le Founduk fine dining restaurant

Unfortunately, we missed this great restaurant as it is closed on Wednesdays and we didn’t pay attention to it. Otherwise, it’s definitely worth a visit. Just take a look at the website.

Poka Asia Restaurant

Poka is a very modern restaurant in the affluent district of Marrakech. Certainly priced a little higher than the traditional restaurants, it is a welcome change from Moroccan food, at least if, like us, you have been in Marrakech for seven days.

The restaurant offers sushi and Asian dishes of excellent quality and the prices are reasonable. Dumplings, pad thai and curries are particularly recommended.

You can walk there from Le Meridian Hotel in 20-25 minutes, which is a nice walk through the posh district of Marrakech. We found it to be one of the best restaurants, which also reflects the up-and-coming character of Marrakech.

Where is the best place to buy argan oil and spices?

Argan oil is all the rage in Marrakech and the same goes for fragrances and spices. But if you really want to buy good argan oil, you need to know where. We were recommended 2 stores by locals that we would also recommend. One is Herboriterie Stinia, which is located near the Badi Palace. The other is Herbalism Marrakech. Both have good quality products and reasonable prices.

Local travel providers

We are big fans of using local tour operators if they are trustworthy. One provider we can highly recommend is Limitless Morocco, through whom we booked our desert evening. They organized everything perfectly, were very good at communicating and the price was right too. Just go to their website:

Cab costs to the airport

From the Hotel Le Meridien Nfis to the airport it costs about 80 dirhams and the journey takes about 10 minutes. From the big square about 130 dirhams and about 20 minutes.

Departure at the airport

You should plan a few minutes longer for departure. Just to get into the airport building, you have to go through the first security check

At the check-in counter, it depends on which airline you are flying with. With Lufthansa, the queues are generally not that long, especially if you are flying Business Class.

Business Class is worthwhile in any case, as you can use the priority gates everywhere at the airport, which saves you a lot of time and is also very convenient.

We were checked three times in total before we got to the terminal. If you fly Business Class, you can also use the lounge. Unfortunately, it’s nothing special, but at least it’s a place where you don’t have everyone running around you, where you can power your devices if necessary and where you at least have a small selection of drinks and food.


Marrakech was indeed a vacation like 1001 nights. We think that seven days is no problem at all for the city. We weren’t bored for a second and kept discovering new things. Even if after 3-4 days you have the feeling that you have been to every alley in the medina before, it is still exciting and thrilling to watch the traders going about their business. As a rule, everything in Marrakech revolves around the large square.

Depending on the time of year, we definitely recommend a hotel with air conditioning. And if possible, one with a nice pool or at least a small swimming pool area so that you can recover from the heat of the day.

We thought our hotel was really well located, even though it was outside the medina. You are in a district that is safe at any time of day or night and there are many places within easy walking distance.

Of course, in a Marriott chain hotel you miss the Moroccan flair a little, which you certainly have more of in a riad. But that’s the compromise you have to make. Marriott has also recently opened a riad in Marrakech, which we will certainly take a look at next time. But one thing is already certain. We will be back.

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Which photo equipment for Marrakech / Morocco?

The photographic equipment we took with us to Marrakech is listed below. You also have the option of ordering the photographic equipment we used directly via our Photo-Shop and requesting further technical details. There are also lots of extras available there.


  • Z7ii (Nikon)
  • Apple Iphone 14pro


  • Z 24-120mm f/4 (Nikon)
  • Z 70-200mm f/2.8 (Nikon)