Travel Reports Europe

Travel Reports Europe lists all our journeys through Europe and gives valuable information, tips and suggestions to the individual destinations. These are self-managed round trips.


Travel Report: 7 Days Travel in Oct 2020

Elounda and East Crete


Travel Report: 7 Days Travel in Aug 2020

Oia > Fira > Imerovigli and much more


Travel Report: 7 Days Travel in Jul 2020

Golden Circle > Southern Coast and much more


Travel Report: 8 Days Travel in Dec 2019

Puerto de la Cruz > Garachico > Meson el Monasterio etc.


Travel Report: 6 Days Travel in Aug 2019

St.Julian > Mdina > Popeye Village > Marsaxlokk > Blue Grotto


Travel Report: 2×5 Days Travel in Jan and Mar 2019

Munich > Mallorca


Travel Report: 5 Days Travel in Feb 2019

Munich > Tromso

How should I prepare ?

Every photo tour through Europe poses new challenges and you should inform yourself well in advance. For this reason we have written our travelogues for Europe. They should facilitate your preparation.

We have made all our travels through Europe on our own. All in all this is very easy and unproblematic in Europe. There are e.g. sufficient rental car providers and it is the same with hotels and accommodations. Exceptions are holidays and vacations, here it can become already times scarce, but above all also expensive.

A valid credit card or EC card is important and a German driver’s license is sufficient for the rental car.

Vaccinations etc. are not mandatory, but you should definitely think about a travel health insurance, because visits to the doctor can quickly become very expensive.

The distances within the countries are sometimes very large, which is why you also have to think about which means of transport you want to use (very long distances are sometimes worthwhile by plane, otherwise rental cars always go).

And at the very end, think of the  First Aid Kit !

How to stay online in Europe?

If you have a contract with a German provider, then EU roaming applies and you don’t have to worry about anything. But beware, some countries, like Switzerland, do not fall under the EU-Roming, here you need a different solution, e.g. a local pre-paid provider, like Swisscom.

How do I get around in Europe?

In Europe, you can always travel by car, train or plane. For longer distances the airplane is still the first choice, also for visiting the islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

Good flight deals can be found at or

We use SWISS very frequently, as it always offers extremely low-cost partner fares to different destinations worldwide.

It is important to always enter “2” travelers, otherwise the partner fares will not be displayed. Partner means here nothing else than that 2 people fly the route together. Also Lufthansa has good bargains again and again. However, we are not friends of the “cheap airlines”, which is because we always have “luggage” and prefer to take scheduled flights.

Do you want to buy calendars from our trips?

“Tromsö” as of 18,90€, Size A2-A5

“Malta”, as of 18,90€, Size A2-A5

What kind of photoequipment do I need for Europe?

Quick overview:








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