PHOTO TRAVEL: Booking made easy

Who doesn’t know the problem or the question “How can I make my photo travel booking as cheap as possible and still of high quality? Here you will find selected links and providers that will make your search easier and where you can get top offers. More you can find in our TRAVEL REPORTS.


Here you can also book the excursions for your holiday destination in advance and make sure that you really experience what you have imagined. Here is just a small selection. Click your way through. You will find much more at  Get your Guide













Rental cars

In our opinion, CHECK24 is the best all-round solution for booking rental cars at home and abroad. The booking is uncomplicated and if you choose Premium Protection you don’t have to worry about anything. In addition, with every booking you collect points that can be redeemed later. In problem cases Check24 has a very good hotline. Should we still not find anything there, we take a look at Sunnycars.


Probably the best site at the moment is, because there is hardly any accommodation that you can’t find there and booking it is so easy. Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more common to find that the accommodation you are looking for is no longer available. However, this does not mean that it is actually fully booked and so the check over another page is recommended. We use Expedia here.


Flights – especially cheap ones – are often the biggest problem and you can spend hours searching for your best photo travel flight. As we don’t like to travel long distances in the economy, we have specialized in finding bargains in the higher booking classes and have come to a simple result after years of research. Swiss and Lufthansa have the best partner rates if you book skilfully (usually start abroad). Important: Always enter 2 persons in the booking mask.

But of course there are also those who simply want to find the cheapest way to fly. Here we recommend to use the overview of Expedia:

In case you are a “bargain or mile hunter”, we recommend that you regularly visit the following page

All in one package deal

For those who prefer to boo their photo travel as a package and do not want to use a travel agency, we recommend 2 providers with whom we have already had very good experiences:


Rail travel is becoming increasingly popular as part of the climate protection debate. Here are our recommendation links as well. The Bahncard can actually pay off from the very first trip (!)

Note: All links are affiliate links, i.e. we get a small commission if you book through them. It doesn’t cost you anything.