Travel Reports Australia: 35 days photo trip (6 weeks) split in 3 tours

Travel Reports Australia sums up our 3 Tours during a 6 weeks Roadtrip throughout southern and eastern Australia. Each Report is full of information, tips and recommendations for Photographers and Travellers.

From Melbourne to Adelaide

Travel Report: 10 days phototrip

Munich > Melbourne > Adelaide

From Sydney to Uluru (Ayers Rock)

Travel Report: 5 days phototrip

Adelaide > Sydney > Uluru (Ayers Rock) > Brisbane

From Brisbane to Cairns

Travel Report: 18 days phototrip

Brisbane to Cairns via Port Douglas

How should I prepare?

35 days photo travel through Australia (just under 6 weeks) require some preparation. Due to the size of the country, you have to think well in advance when you want to travel where, or what you want to see. Even 6 weeks are not enough for the continent. That you should be aware in advance. Therefore we put together the Travel Reports Australia.

Let’s start with the organization of the visa.

For easier planning, you should divide the route into “sections/tours” and plan each one individually. We played through countless variants and ended up with the following 3 tours:

1) Australia Tour I: 10 days photo travel from Melbourne to Adelaide. This covers the southern part. Then continue by plane to Sydney.

2) Australia Tour II: 5 days photo tour from Sydney to Uluru (Ayers Rock) and then by plane to Brisbane. With that we cover the highlight of the Northern Territory, the Ayers Rock and Kata Tjuta and experience the vibrant metropolis of Sydney.

3) Australia Tour III: 18-day photo travel from Brisbane to Cairns and on to Port Douglas by rental car. Highlights included Airlie Beach, Whitsundays, Whitehaven Beach, the Great Barrier Reef and the world’s oldest rainforest, the Daintree.

What should I think about when traveling to Australia?

Next – after the visa – you should think well about the season of the trip and the appropriate clothing. In the Australian winter, it can be very cold, even cold and above all rainy. In the summer the absolute heat.

The special clothes you should think about include: a “hat” and “fly nets” for the head. Both very important, especially for the Northern Territory. A hat is better suited than a baseball cap to keep the nets off the head.

Against mosquitoes we have taken Deed, which we also use for Africa. Autan seems to have some resistance and the mosquitoes sting anyway. We also bought long and short-sleeved stingproof shirts.

Sunscreen is the next important topic. Australia has a much higher level of sunlight and therefore the clothes should ideally already have UV protection. Definitely, a sun protection lotion, with a high SPF from 30+, should be taken or bought locally. Also think about good sunglasses, especially for the car rides.

How can I stay online in Australia? Do I have to rent a GPS?

6 weeks in Australia, raise the question how to stay “online” outside the hotel. So, for example while driving, if you do not have GPS / Navi (very expensive for 6 weeks!).

We opted for a mobile SIM from Telstra. They have the best network in Australia and a data card (we only have data, no phone wanted) costs with 25GB and 28 days running time just under 20, -Euro. Since we inserted the card in our IPad, we could use this as WLAN Hotspot for both telephones. Important to know, you have to tell the seller if you want a card for the tablet or the phone. They do not work in both (!) This eliminates the need for the Navi, because you are “always on” and can use Google or Apple Maps.

How do I get to Australia best?

That from most destinations you arrive by plane  goes without saying. But what is the best route and how do I fly the “most comfortable”?

You should be aware that you usually have just under 2 days journey, of which you spend up to 22 or more hours on the plane. There is the question “I want to do this in Economy” justified.

Many people believe that business class is much more expensive than economy. But that’s only partially true, as there are a lot of bargain deals and partner deals from major airlines today, which are only slightly more expensive in Business Class than an Eco Ticket.

However, it is a prerequisite that you fly at least two people, book well in advance and that you are ready to compromise and flexible in the itinerary.

Good deals can be found, for example. at or

What kind of photoequipment do I need for Australia?

All other important information can be found in the individual travel reports.

Now have fun reading and we hope you can use some of our hints and tips for your own Australia tour!