Travel Report Capri (Italy): 6-day photo tour from Capri to Anacapri

What highlights are there to discover on Capri and Anacapri? What is a must-see?

Our Capri travel report summarizes the best highlights for you so that you also have an unforgettable trip.

Where is Capri?

Taking a drone to Capri, is that allowed?

The short answer is YES. The drone laws of the EU apply, as well as the laws of Italy. You should familiarize yourself with these, but in general it is not a problem to fly a drone on Capri and you can do so almost anywhere.

Detailed travel report Capri - important questions:

Is Capri cheap?

Capri is definitely not a cheap island. Both the hotel prices are significantly higher than in other parts of Italy, as are the prices in the restaurants, which are on a level that far exceeds Monaco, for example. For example, two croissants and two cappuccinos will quickly set you back €36 or a small salad for lunch, shared with two colas and two espressos for a good €44. You have to accept the high price level in exchange for experiencing a really beautiful island with very friendly inhabitants.

Highlights Capri

Do I need a rental car on Capri?

Definitely NO. Capri is a small, really very small island and almost everything here can be done on foot, by cab or bus. There are also very few cars on the island.

Capri Arrival

Take a direct flight from Munich to Naples.
Once you arrive at the airport, you can take a cab directly to the port of Naples, called Barello. The journey takes around 20 minutes and you can either take the flat rate (€35) or use the taximeter. We did the latter and paid 30€. However, the cab drivers then also take shortcuts, which makes it more expensive.
The taximeter said €21, but then there was an additional €7 for luggage and two euros for something.
We opted for the fast ferry, which takes about 50 minutes from Naples to Capri. There are 3 ferry companies. We booked with SNAV via The ferries leave almost every hour, always a different company.
There is no real terminal where you can wait, especially if it is raining. There is only covered standing room and two small cafés/restaurants, which offer excellent espresso and cappuccino. The price is really fair at €3.70 for a cappuccino and an espresso.

You can board the ferry 20 minutes before departure. Even if you have bought the tickets online beforehand, you still have to collect the “real” tickets from the ticket counter. The return trip for two people including luggage costs around €120. Once you arrive at the port, the small cabs are parked right by the pier.
The cab ride to the upper town takes around 10 minutes and costs €20. You are practically driven right up to the Piazzetta.

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Hotel recommendations Capri

Capri offers a variety of hotels for the middle and upper budget. If you are looking for cheap AirBnB accommodation here, you will rarely find it. Even in the low season, when many hotels are still closed, it is rare to find suitable accommodation for less than €250 per night WITHOUT breakfast. We recommend the following accommodations

1) Casa Piccola, a small but upscale apartment with 2 double beds and bathrooms, as well as a small kitchen and living room. Costs from 250€ upwards per night. Location, less than 2 minutes from the Piazetta,

2) Casa Dani. A guest house offering breakfast. Still very new, centrally located, less than 5 minutes from the Piazetta and directly opposite the bus and cab rank. The view is great if you book a room with a balcony. The furnishings are upscale and leave nothing to be desired. Very good communication before arrival and during the stay, as well as extremely friendly staff. Prices from 250€/night.

3) Quisisana. THE hotel on Capri. It is the oldest and still one of the most luxurious hotels on Capri, which is more than centrally located. The offer ranges from pool to garden, everything a 5 star hotel has to offer, including price. Rooms are available from approx. 800€/night.

4) Punta Tragara. A 5-star plus hotel, but a little isolated, so that you have to be picked up from the hotel for arrival and departure and can’t even “quickly” get to the piazetta in the evening. But you are rewarded with incredible views over the island, even from the pool. Prices from €750 per night.

5) Hotel Capri Tiberio. This former Marriott Hotel is one of the best the island has to offer. Unfortunately it was closed when we visited, but the location and facilities are top, as is the price, from €800 a night.

6) Albergo La Tosca. Unfortunately, this hotel was also closed when we were on the island, but we were still able to gain a few impressions during our visit. Top location, top breakfast (we know from friends), owners very nice and overall a very good hotel with a good price/performance ratio, which we would like to try out next time.

7) Hotel Luna, 4 stars with a breathtaking location and adjoining rooftop bar. The hotel is located right next to the Augustus Gardens and you will hardly find a better sea view on the island than from here. Prices from 300€/night.


Our accommodation had informed us in advance via WhatsApp and so we received constant updates on where to meet and how to find the apartment we had rented.
Unfortunately, our actual accommodation was no longer available for the whole time and so we spent one night in another accommodation (Casa Piccolo 8). This apparently belongs to the same owner and is really wonderful.
After dropping off our suitcases and inspecting the apartment, we made our way into the city center and ended up in the Tiberio Bar. This is located in the Piazzetta and is a good place to watch the action (thanks to Thomas G. for the tip).
All the ferries from Naples arrive in the morning and Capri is much more crowded than in the late afternoon when the day visitors leave the island. The Piazzetta is perfect for watching the crowds during the day. But you also pay a price for this. For example, a cappuccino costs nine euros, an espresso around six euros and a croissant will quickly set you back seven euros.
From the piazetta, you can take a leisurely stroll to the Augustus Gardens, where you have a wonderful view over the sea and the mountains and get to know the other side of Capri, which is much greener and quieter than the harbor side of Marina Grande.

Restaurants Capri and Anacapri

We visited the following restaurants and can highly recommend them

1) Buca di Bacco (Capri), very good pizza and pasta, good value for money. It is a small hidden restaurant only about 2 minutes from the piazetta.

2) You should definitely try Da Pasquale (Cap ri), ideally for dinner. The restaurant da Pasquale offers by far the tastiest pasta bolognese in all of Capri, and in a place where you would never expect it. The bar is mainly frequented by locals and is located right next to Casa Dani. The staff don’t make a very friendly impression at first, but this changes after a short time when you strike up a conversation. Apart from the pasta, the place is famous for its pizza, but it is also famous for its excellent desserts. Everything is just right here if you don’t mind the somewhat simpler ambience.

3) Capri Cakes (Anacapri) for coffee or lunch. A very inconspicuous little café restaurant located in the basement with only a few seats outside. The mozzarella tomato sandwiches are unbeatable and the atmosphere is very nice. Once again, the price/performance ratio is right.

4) La Palette (Capri). La Palette has a very small and manageable menu, but an unbeatable location and, as long as it is still light, an amazing view over the island of Capri and the sea. The quality of the food is excellent and the white wine at sunset is almost a must here. The staff are extremely friendly and this is not to be missed, even if the prices are on the high end.

5) Restaurant la Campannina (Capri), an insider tip that is actually no longer an insider tip. All the Hollywood celebrities have already dined here. The food is excellent and the restaurant has real charm and coziness. It’s best to book a table in advance to ensure a great experience. The staff are super friendly and very courteous. The price level is in the upper range.

6) Cafe Manari (Capri, 2 locations). Café Manari is one of the best places for breakfast, especially if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and the tourist restaurants. Here you will find almost exclusively locals. One is located in a small square next to a supermarket on the mountain path to the natural stone arch, the other is tucked away around the corner from La Campannina. You can hardly miss it. The staff are super friendly, the food is delicious and the prices are on a normal level. The almond and pistachio croissants with a cappuccino are a must here.

7) Buonocore (Capri) has by far the best ice cream on Capri. At five euros for a scoop of ice cream, it is certainly at the top end. But when you hold the freshly baked waffles in your hand and taste the ice cream, you’ll quickly forget the price. The ice cream parlor is located just 100m from the Piazzetta, directly opposite the Rolex store (where they are so unfriendly that you should never buy anything there anyway). They also have extremely tasty pastries.

8) Verginiello (Capri), is hidden below the upper town on the footpath to the Marina Grande. This is still a little insider tip, as it is often frequented by locals. The food is excellent, especially the pasta, and the service is also of the highest standard. The waiters are all super friendly and it’s best to book a table in advance so that you have a beautiful view of the Marina Grande and the sea from above. The restaurant is also very reasonably priced and doesn’t have the exorbitant prices that you pay in the Piazzetta or in the upper town.

9) Jardin Mediterraneo (Capri) a sunset bar with a snack menu. Open until sunset and still relatively new. Definitely try one of the many gin and tonics. The small bar with its very pretty garden is a little paradise in the otherwise very busy Capri. You should definitely stop by here for a sundowner.

10) Quisisana Terrace (Capri). This is definitely the place for the rich (not necessarily the beautiful) who want to be seen here and also a great place for people-watching. But it comes at a price. Cocktails are available from around €32 and non-alcoholic cocktails from €24. Espresso is €13 and a cappuccino €15.

However, the service is unbeatable and the food on offer (potato chips, olives, nuts, etc.) is impressive and is constantly replenished free of charge. Watching the hustle and bustle of the streets from here and simply enjoying the day is a really great experience that makes you forget the price of €100 for 3 cocktails very quickly.

Capri Highlights

Marina Piccola

From Capri you walk about 1.4 km quite steeply downhill, with lots of steps, and look forward to the way back as you walk down. But there is also a bus. Once you arrive at the bottom, in the harbor, you are compensated for a lot. The most prominent hotel on the square is the Hotel Weber, but we would only recommend it if you want to take a cab back and forth to the city every evening. Otherwise, the location is fantastic, but very far away from the action. The harbor itself is very nice and there are many small restaurants and bars where you can have a lovely lunch and a great view over the sea. You need to be in good shape for the way back and you’ll be happy when you get back to the Piazzetta.

Arco Naturale

A nice walk is the one to the Arco Naturale, a natural stone arch. From the Piazzetta you walk for about 25 minutes and if you follow the signs, the path leads you to the left at a fork and you pass a small restaurant and can then walk straight down to the Arco. Another nice option is to turn right at the fork and walk through a somewhat more original Capri, with many small houses that are not yet so modern and luxurious and at the very end a small square with railings awaits you, from where you have a wonderful view as far as Sorrento.

Marina Grande

From the Piazzetta you can take a very nice walk to the Marina Grande, which is a steep downhill walk and takes about 15 minutes.
The Marina Grande is the first and probably the last thing you see of Capri and we were least impressed with this part. There are a number of stores, lots of small restaurants, none of which are particularly well rated, and the landing stages for the ferry to Sorrento and back to Naples. Of course, this is also the departure point for the “Funiculare” cable car, which takes you back up to the Piazzetta.
A one-way ticket costs €2.50 per person and the funicular runs every 15 minutes on a shuttle service.

Villa Lysis

The villa is located high up on the mountain and is a good 30-minute walk away. A not insignificantly strenuous walk, but one that takes you through the natural old Capri. The villa is an absolute dream and the entrance fee of just under ten euros for two people is completely justified. The villa was built by Count Fersen, who lived here at the beginning of the 19th century and committed suicide there in 1923 by dissolving 5g of opium in a glass of champagne. The design of the villa is a dream and the price would certainly be unaffordable today, considering the location. For us, this villa was clearly the No 1 highlight of the whole of Capri, at least as far as culture is concerned.

Villa Jovis

From Villa Lysis, you can take a narrow hiking trail that leads to the old Roman Villa Jovis of Emperor Tiberius. This is located on the highest point of the mountain and is only preserved in ruins. Admission costs twelve euros for two people and you should consider whether you want to see it, as there really isn’t much to see here, even if the original dimensions of this villa seem incredible.

Parco Astorista

Much more interesting and impressive is the Astorista Park, located right next to Villa Jovis, from where you have impressive views of the azure blue sea and the surrounding area, as well as parts of the island. When we visited the park, admission was free. However, there is also a small paid hut which may be occupied during the summer months.

Bar Jovis

The hike from Capri Town via Villa Lysis to Villa Jovis can be undertaken as a circular route and takes around 1 hour without breaks and longer with the visits. Of course, you’ll be happy if you can stop off at a nice bar with a view at the end. We recommend the Bar Jovis, with a great view, nice surroundings and good food.

Belvedere Tragara

This viewpoint is located directly in front of the luxury hotel Punta Tragara and offers a great vantage point over the old Capri, but also over the landmark of Capri, the Faraglioni, a stone formation with a “breakthrough”. From here, you can also take a hike along the mountain to the Arco Naturale, which also takes you past Villa Malaparte.
After the boat tour, we made it just in time for sunset and enjoyed the last rays of sunshine over high tea.

Villa Malaparte

Villa Malaparte is now privately owned and cannot be visited. Even the path to the villa is marked as private and closed off by a chain. However, the hiking trail that leads from the Hotel Punta Tragara to the Arco Naturale is a nice hike in good weather and takes about 1 hour. Alternatively, you can turn back at the villa and then descend to the Faraglioni on the way back.


From Belvedere Tragara, you can also descend to the Faraglioni. However, if you walk the 15 minutes or so down to the sea, you should be aware that the way up is much more strenuous and it is a good idea to have a bottle of water with you, especially on warm days. You should allow more time for the way back. It is steep and arduous and requires a bit of stamina, as well as being quite long. There is a bar/restaurant at the bottom at sea level, but it is closed until at least the end of April.

Belvedere di punta cannone

You shouldn’t miss this beautiful viewpoint. It is not particularly well described but with Google Maps, almost everything is possible. Otherwise, climb the steps at the piazetta and turn into the right-hand corridor, then follow the path past villas and don’t be surprised if it gets lonely. At the end you will be rewarded with a great view.

Blue Grotto

Due to the time of year, it was not yet possible to visit the Blue Grotto and even if it had been, it would certainly not have been fun. However, anyone visiting Capri in summer should not miss out on this unique experience.


The bus to Capri costs €2.40 per person in each direction. It takes about 20 minutes to reach Capri by bus. The ride in the small buses is an experience and it rumbles a lot. The serpentines do the rest, so that you swing back and forth between I’m bad and I’m fine. But you can’t imagine what it’s like when the island is full in summer and the buses are just as full. Once you arrive in Anacapri, it’s about a 10-minute walk to Villa San Michele.

Villa San Michele

The villa was built by the Swedish doctor Axel Munte and there are Roman artifacts within the beautiful island garden. Admission to the villa costs ten euros per person, which is not cheap but basically okay.
After visiting the villa, it’s worth making a detour to the cute little town center, which has lots of little alleyways, cute stores and a variety of restaurants.

Monte Solaro

Monte Solaro, the highest mountain in Capri. With the single-seater cable car, the ride up the 600m high mountain takes around 11-12 minutes. The ride up is much less exciting and beautiful than the ride back down. Once at the top of the mountain, a wonderful panorama awaits. You can practically see the entire island. There is also a restaurant where you can get drinks and snacks, which is great when the weather is nice. However, it remains a mystery to us why using the toilets costs money, as it does at German highway service stations.
Ideally, you should try to be on the mountain before 10:00 a.m., as it is extremely crowded afterwards, especially in the summer months, and you can expect long waiting times for both the ascent and descent.

Faro - Lighthouse

From AnaCapri, you can continue by bus to the Faro lighthouse. There is a bus here that runs every 30 minutes. It is not worth visiting the lighthouse in the low season until mid-April, as all restaurants and cafés are closed. The lighthouse itself cannot be visited either, as it is a restricted military area. In the high season, however, it is worth a visit as it is a beautiful bay.

Back in AnaCapri, you can have a very good lunch in one of the many restaurants at much cheaper prices than in Capri. We recommend the Giulius Food & Bar. The staff are extremely friendly, the food is good and reasonably priced and the view of the passing tourists is simply priceless.
You should use one of the long convertible cabs at least once for the trip from Anacapri to Capri. It is very expensive at just under €25 one way, but the experience of riding in one of these old Fiat cabs, which have been extended into open 6-seaters, is simply an experience.


The island of Capri is an experience, albeit not a cheap one. We would only recommend a visit in the early or late season if you don’t like direct physical contact with strangers and don’t want to queue and make reservations everywhere.
However, if you are there in the early or late season, you can enjoy the full splendor of the island and experience many great things. We will definitely be back. The island is a dream.

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What photo equipment for Capri?

The photographic equipment we took with us to Capri is listed below. You also have the option of ordering the photographic equipment we used directly via our photo store and requesting further technical details. There are also lots of extras available there.


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  • Apple Iphone 14pro
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  • Z 24-120mm f/4 (Nikon)
  •  70-200mm f/2.8 (Nikon)