Travel Report Zakynthos: Highlights and tips for a 7 days photo trip

Is Zakynthos worth it for 7 days? What are the highlights to discover? What is a must-see?

Our travel report Zakynthos (Greece) summarizes for you the best highlights and “must sees” to have an unforgettable vacation and experiences on Zakynthos.

Where is Zakynthos?

What you should definitely think about when traveling to Zakynthos

Local currency: Euro. You can use your credit card everywhere for payments or cash withdrawals. Cash is mainly needed for tips.

Vaccinations: Coming from Germany, no vaccinations are required. However, the standard vaccinations are recommended, see suggestions from the German Foreign Office. Additionally COVID-19 vaccination card.

Drone flying in Zakynthos, is it allowed ?

Basically, the EU drone laws apply, and you should abide by them. At most places it is therefore unproblematic to fly a drone, as long as you follow the legal rules. All bays in the north of the island are unproblematic and in the southwest (Keri) it is also possible. In the southeast is the airport and therefore legally the towns of Zakynthos, Cameo Island etc. are. No-fly zones. Who flies with a DJI drone can well rely on the DJI system, which clearly indicates no-fly zones.

Detailed travel report Zakynthos - important questions:

Is Zakynthos cheap when it comes to cost of living ?

Zakynthos has surprised us with very high prices. It does not reach the level of Santorini or Mykonos, but the restaurants are rather expensive for Greece and even in Tsivili, the perceived “Ballermann” of Zakynthos, prices are still good.

Experience the highlights of Zakynthos

From Germany, there are almost daily direct flights in the summer, but they also have their price. Lufthansa flies directly from Munich and Frankfurt. There are also connections from Düsseldorf.

Do I need a rental car on Zakynthos?

Our recommendation is definitely YES.The island is 20x40km in size and if you want to experience the highlights, then you definitely need a means of transportation. Many young people also take the “quads” or “buggies”. We prefer closed, dust-free and air-conditioned cars. But everybody has to know that for himself.

Good and cheap car rental providers are available directly at the airport and we usually rent via Check24 the all-round package. This saves a lot of hassle.

Our provider is Auto Union, which we booked via Check 24 (as always). Contrary to what was stated in the booking, the counter is not located in the terminal, as all major providers, but you have to walk with the suitcases about 300m. This is annoying and annoying. But it is less crowded at the counter.

The hotel with the best view over Zakynthos

Our hotel is the Olea All Suites Hotel, which recently became part of the Marriott Group. It is a very stylish hotel. Even though the name promises “suite”, they are just normal rooms (although nice and big). Everything in the hotel works with its own app, from ordering drinks on the sun lounger, to booking tables in the restaurant. The prices in the Nachcovid time are peppered and the hotel is definitely too expensive, price performance are no longer true. However, you have to put it in RELATION TO OTHER hotels on the island and there it fits again.

The food and service is excellent, whether breakfast (is always included in the price) or in one of the 4 pay restaurants.

Prices are at big city level.
The only thing that really bothered us and is also a no go, is that you have to book the fitness center (you have 45min slots) even if you then have it to yourself.

What sounds great actually only leads to the fact that you can forget it and actually would have to know for each day when you want to Sporteln.

Great are the daybeds, where you can rest and sleep. This definitely contributes to relaxation and the airplanes that regularly fly over the hotel are no longer a nuisance.

Zakynthos Town

In Zakynthos historical old town meets modern character – and that with a Mediterranean flair.

Zakynthos town is oversized and the pedestrian zone can be walked in a good 1h. Numerous cafes and small restaurants invite you to stay. There are also some rooftop bars, but they are more for the evening, which is too hot during the day. The adjacent harbor is small and surrounded by many restaurants. Large luxury yachts are here rather the exception.

Navagio Beach

If there is a world famous bay on the island – thank Instagram – is Navagio Beach, also called Schipwreck Beach. 200m towering rocky turn and a white sandy beach that can be reached only from the sea.

If you want to experience this beach in an original and natural way, you have to be there at sunrise at 7am. The drive from our hotel takes about 1h, because good roads on the island are rather scarce and you can hardly go faster than 30km/h. Once you arrive at Navagio Beach, you can practically drive to the viewing platform. If you then keep to the right there begins a small narrow path over which you come to a place from which you can see the bay much better. The path takes about 10-15min one way and you should wear sturdy shoes. However, it does not seem to be official, because someone has cut a hole in the boundary fence, through which you have to meander.

From the viewpoint of Navagio Beach you can also reach an old monastery in 5min by car, where oil and honey are offered and which is worth a short detour.

by the way, drone flying is allowed here and especially early in the morning you can really enjoy it.

Blue Caves and Agios Nikolaos

Only 15 min drive from Navagio Beach are the so-called Blue Caves and Agios Nikolaos, from where most tour operators start, which offer the Blue Caves and the Shipwreck Beach in a package. Agios Nikolaos is a super small and beautiful village, with great restaurants right by the sea. Here you can have a great lunch after spending the morning at the Blue Caves swimming and rock jumping. At the Potamitis Windmill, there are rock steps down to the water, and there are free beach chairs. There is the possibility to jump from different heights from the rocks into the water.

Mizuthres Beach

Besides Navaigo in the northwest of the island, you should definitely visit this beach as well. It is located in the southwest. Here you don’t have to be there early in the morning, unless you want to do it for the photo light. It is best to arrive around lunchtime or early afternoon, because from 1pm the restaurant at the viewpoint opens, from where you have the best view. There is also a food truck and a small viewpoint from where you can also launch your drone, but the restaurant with a table facing the sea is definitely the best.

Cameo Island

This is certainly the biggest disappointment on the Indel. Apart from the fact that you have to pay 5 € per person for the beach, it is so crowded that it is hard to think of rest. Who wants to make it for the “Instagram” photo motif of the jetty, it is at least recommended to come in the early afternoon (less crowded) and then go directly to one of the beach bars.

Restaurant tip
Sabbia Beach Bar


The next bigger place after Zakynthos is one of the tourist strongholds of the island and completely overcrowded, noisy and reminiscent of Mallorca’s el Arenal. A place that you want to leave behind very quickly. However, there are some nice beach bars and restaurants.

Restaurant tips

Dinner: Palatium or a little further (5min by car) Andreas Fish Taverna.

Lunch: Taverna by the Sea Paradeisos

Makai Resto Bar for dinner

Our absolute favorite restaurant on the island was the Makai Resto Bar for evenings. The sunset can be seen from here and the ambience is unbeatable. The food is good and the dessert top class. Here you should visit at all Fölle at least once for dinner. The best time is at 7 pm when the restaurant opens.


There are many other beautiful bays on the island, which we have also indicated on the map, but most are far too crowded in the summer and also the restaurants on site accordingly well filled. We would advise anyone visiting the island to do the tours in the morning or afternoon u and spend the rest of the time at the hotel by the pool. This way it will be a relaxing and above all unforgettable vacation, especially in such an excellent hotel as the Olea All Suites Hotel. We will definitely come back, Zakynthos is worth a trip…or two.

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What photo equipment for Zakynthos?

The photo equipment we took to Zakynthos is listed below. In addition, you have the possibility to order the used photo equipment directly via our Photo-Shop and to request further technical details. There you can also find a lot of extras.


  • DJI Mavic Mini 3 pro
  • Apple Iphone 14pro
  • Nikon Z7ii
  • Go Pro Hero 8


  • Nikon z 24-120 f/4