Travel Report Thailand

How could a 10 day photo trip to Thailand look like?

Our travel report Thailand summarizes our 10 days photo trip from Bangkok via Siem Reap in Cambodia to Phuket. We have chosen the following route:

1.Day: Munich -> Bangkok (Millenium Hilton Bangkok)

2.Day: Bangkok

3.-6.Day: Bangkok -> Siem Reap (Angkor Wat) in Kambodscha

6.Day: Siem Reap -> Bangkok (Millenium Hilton Bangkok)

7.-13.Day: Bangkok -> Phuket (Angsana Laguna Phuket)

14.Day: Phuket -> Bangkok -> Munich

Where to find Thailand and Cambodia?

What you should definitely think about when travelling to Thailand:

National currencies: Thailand = Baht, Cambodia = Riel, but also USD are gladly accepted. In Bangkok credit card payment works everywhere without problems. But you should always have enough cash, at least USD.

Visa: You don’t need a visa for Thailand.

Vaccinations: No vaccinations are required when coming from Germany. However, the standard vaccinations including yellow fever are recommended, and you should also follow the suggestions of the Foreign Office.

Clothing: In both countries there are very warm to hot temperatures and at certain times of the year also an extremely high air humidity to which one has to get used to first. Therefore, in any case take airy and also fast drying clothes with you. For evenings, due to the mosquitoes, have long trousers/shirts with you. Due to the air conditioners in the hotels, it is very quickly unpleasantly cool. So also plan for it. As the sun shines during the day, it is recommended to wear a headgear.

Detailed travel report Thailand

Flight from Munich to Bangkok

Day 1: From Munich we travel to Bangkok. Lufthansa flies directly from Germany. Arrived in Bangkok we take an official taxi to the hotel. The “unofficial” taxis should be ignored and you should not be approached. In the taxi itself make sure that the taximeter is running so that there are no discrepancies later.

We check in at the Millennium Hilton. It belongs to the more modern luxury hotels of Bangkok. One should always keep in mind that even the really good hotels in Thailand are very cheap compared to Europe, so one gets a lot for his money.

Royal palace, ride on the Chao Praya and good Asian food

Day 2: The first thing on the programme is a round trip. We want to visit the royal palace. Afterwards we will take a ride on the Chao Praya. Tours in the canoe-like boats can be booked in many places for little money. But one should not fall into the heavily polluted river, even if the local people bath in it.

In the tributaries of the river you can still discover old Bangkok and the narrow boats (you can just about sit next to each other) really get through almost everywhere.

At the end we go to eat fried rice in the streets of Bangkok, which – although very simple – is certainly one of the delicacies of Bangkok.

For the transport within Bangkok we use the famous Tuk Tuks. For those who negotiate a cheap price for the trip, don’t care about insurance and want to have the feeling once in a lifetime that they are seriously risking their lives, we definitely recommend one or more trips. Surprisingly, rarely something happens here, but if it does, then unfortunately very violently.

Flight from Bangkok to Cambodia

Day 3-6: We have booked the tour to Angkor Wat (approach to Siem Reap) via DERtour You can book here directly from/to Bangkok. Early in the morning we are picked up by a driver at the hotel and half an hour later we are at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Please see also our seperate Travel Report Cambodia.

From Siem Reap to Bangkok

6th Day: We fly back from Siem Reap to Bangkok.

Phuket, Thailands Holidayarea

Day 7-14: Thai Airways flies several times a day from Bangkok to Phuket and prices are affordable even in the season. Phuket is certainly famous and notorious for its nightlife, but it has much more to offer than that. We stayed at the Hotel Angsana Laguna Phuket, which is located at Bang Tao Beach, a very beautiful beach section. There is also no sex tourism here and you can spend a few quiet, relaxing days with good food and an excellent hotel complex.

The Beach and James Bond Island

But Phuket also has very nice destinations, some of which are unfortunately closed due to overcrowding. “The Beach” (Phi Phi Island) from the movie of the same name with Leonardo the Caprio is one of them as well as “James Bond Island”, where some famous Bond movie scenes (the man with the golden gun) were shot in the 70s. Excursions can be made f.i. book here. Excursions to James Bond Island direct by boat. click here.

Floating Villages and Fishfarming

Besides the famous beaches and islands, discover the original Thailand. This is also possible without any problems. For this purpose many excursions are offered.

For example, discover the Floating Villages, which still live from fish and shrimp farming. Really interesting to see how people live and work “on the water”.


This tour is especially suitable for those who would like to combine a cultural highlight (Cambodia) with a great beach and adventure holiday (Phuket). Those who like it can also spend a few more days in the exciting metropolis of Bangkok, where you can enjoy a sundowner at one of the many rooftop bars in the evening. A really good combination trip, which we can only recommend.

Calendar from our trips?

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Which photo equipment for Thailand?

The photo equipment we took with us to Thailand is listed below. Furthermore you have the possibility to order the photo equipment via our Photo-Shop or to request further technical details. There you will also find a lot of extras.